Get to know your Pharmacist Prescribers

When you sign up to Skin + Me, your treatment is overseen by our team of expert Pharmacist Prescribers, all specialising in dermatology.

They’ll be your point of contact for everything related to your bespoke Skin + Me treatment, so let’s get to know them a little better.

If you’d like to find out more, or view our Dermatology Team’s registration details in full, please visit the General Pharmaceutical Council website.

Stephanie Adu
Pharmacist Prescriber
GPhC: 2217130

“Working with Skin + Me combines the best of my pharmacy expertise with a personalised approach to supporting every customer when it comes to getting their best skin. Our team trusts in science and the results speak for themselves. I’m proud that our Dermatology team champions every individuals’ progress every step of the way.”

Stephanie is a qualified pharmacist and Independent prescriber. She graduated with a Master of Pharmacy (MPharm) degree from Kingston University in 2016 and went on to achieve a distinction in Clinically Enhanced Pharmacist Prescribing at University College London.

Stephanie started her career in the Community pharmacy sector and went on to manage a flagship high-street pharmacy in Central London for four years. She delivered multiple NHS and private services during this time as well as launching a successful COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic, which was recognised by HM King Charles III for her contributions and dedication to healthcare. 

Stephanie has a passion for dermatology and developed her skills further in this space whilst working with many premium luxury skincare brands. Since then she has used her knowledge and expertise to educate and build confidence in patients to achieve and maintain healthy skin. 

Maryam Ali
Pharmacist Prescriber
GPhC: 2223258

“I have years of Pharmaceutical expertise and my own personal journey overcoming acne and breakouts. Skin + Me’s mission is to make healthy skin accessible to everyone, aligns perfectly with my values. Getting a diverse group of people with varied skin concerns to a place where they can feel confident in their skin, is at the heart of why I love working with the team at Skin + Me.”

Maryam is a qualified pharmacist and independent prescriber. She graduated with a First Class Honours degree in Master of Pharmacy from Kingston University in 2018. Following her graduation, she completed her pre-registration training year in community pharmacy and continued within this area of pharmacy after qualifying for a further three years, developing her clinical knowledge and delivering a vast range of services to enhance patient care.

Maryam is hugely passionate about skincare and dermatology, with clearing her acne, a personal skin goal in the past. In 2022, Maryam completed her Independent Prescribing course in dermatology, with a specific interest in the management of acne. She prides herself in ensuring patients receive the most appropriate, effective treatment for their skin concerns.

Afsara Tasnim
Pharmacist Prescriber
GPhC: 2212533

“I am thrilled to be a part of Skin + Me’s mission in providing individualised treatment and changing the face of skincare.”

Afsara graduated with a Master of Pharmacy degree (MPharm) from UCL School of Pharmacy in 2015. She started her career working as a community pharmacist for 5 years where she used her expert medical knowledge to deliver enhanced services and provide excellent patient care to the public. Afsara then worked as a Clinical Pharmacist in a GP setting and gained her Independent Prescribing qualification from The University of Hertfordshire, specialising in Hypertension. She led in patient-centred consultations on both acute and long-term conditions in various therapeutic areas. As someone that has suffered from acne, Afsara has had a particular interest in dermatology, and has extensive experience in treating common skin conditions from her role in both community and GP settings.

Nafeesa Ullah
Prescribing Team Manager
GPhC no: 2084161

“Being a part of a thoughtful, talented and creative team that just wants to give people the confidence to feel better about themselves is simply amazing.”

Nafeesa is a qualified pharmacist and an independent pharmacist prescriber. She graduated with a First Class honours degree in Master of Pharmacy (MPharm) from the University of Brighton in 2012. She undertook her training and started her pharmacy career in the area of community pharmacy, specialising in services to optimise patient medication usage and treatment outcomes. She trained as an Independent Prescriber in GP practices and hospital clinics, qualifying in 2017 from Robert Gordon University.

Nafeesa’s special interest is in the understanding of medication-taking behaviours. She undertook a postgraduate research degree to further her education in this area, and was awarded the degree of Master of Philosophy (MPhil) for her thesis in 2018.

She worked at the Belgravia Centre for two years, where she specialised in hair loss and associated dermatology conditions, often lending her experience to support the Superintendent Pharmacist in complex case reviews.

Nafeesa also has an active academia career and has taught, examined and lectured in the areas of Pharmacy Practice and Clinical Pharmacy to undergraduate pharmacy students.

Whitney Yeboah
Prescribing Team Lead
GPhC: 2203903

“Having access to pioneering treatment that evolves with your skin’s needs is revolutionary! The best part of the job is seeing real progress and lives change.”

Whitney graduated with a Master of Pharmacy Degree (MPharm) from Aston University in 2014, and went on to complete her foundation training year at The Royal London, one of the city’s leading teaching hospitals. Once qualified, Whitney furthered her clinical knowledge with a Clinical Pharmacy Postgraduate Diploma before training as an Independent Prescriber at King’s College London.

Whitney is particularly passionate about inflammatory skin conditions and cosmetic dermatology. She spent the last 7 years of her career working for various hospital trusts holding senior and management positions in numerous specialities including surgery, community health services and mental health. An extensive range of clinical experience provides her with the necessary skills and knowledge to conduct thorough clinical reviews and ensure all patients receive a high quality service.

Chandni Vishrolia
Prescribing Team Lead
GPhC: 2084146

“Combining powerhouse ingredients to make personalised formulations that are prescribed remotely is a truly groundbreaking concept that’s democratizing skincare.”

Chandni is a qualified pharmacist and independent prescriber. She graduated with a First Class honours degree in Master of Pharmacy (MPharm) from Kingston University.

She started her professional pharmacist career in the area of community pharmacy specialising in services to promote a healthier lifestyle and helping patients to manage medications for long term conditions as well as mentoring trainee pharmacists. She pursued these interests further by training as an independent prescriber with a special focus on managing Diabetes and Thyroid conditions at Robert Gordon University in 2019.

Chandni has a great passion for skincare as well as expert knowledge in treating skin conditions in the community pharmacy setting. She has also started to publish widely.

Neelam Dalal
Pharmacist Prescriber
GPhC: 2063773

“I love that we provide access to innovative, personalised prescription strength treatment plans.”

Neelam is a qualified pharmacist and an independent prescriber. She graduated (MPharm) from the University of Portsmouth in 2005. She started her career in Community Pharmacy using expert knowledge and caring advice to make a real difference to customers’ lives.

Neelam has a passion for sharing knowledge and enjoyed successfully supporting and training pharmacy students through their Pre-registration year. She trained as an independent prescriber in GP practice, providing clinical medication reviews and running a number of patient clinics in different therapeutic areas in North West London, qualifying from the University of Cumbria in 2020.

Hannah Costello
Pharmacist Prescriber
GPhC: 2219124

“Skin + Me offers something truly unique, and I’m delighted to play a part in transforming the way people feel about their skin.”

Hannah graduated from Portsmouth University in 2017, with a first class honours degree in Master of Pharmacy. She trained in community pharmacy, and once qualified, worked in a wide range of pharmacies to develop her skills and knowledge before managing a community pharmacy.

To enhance her clinical skills, Hannah then moved to the outpatient pharmacy within Bristol Royal Infirmary. Here, her focus pertained to chemotherapy medication and high-cost specials. She also supplied medication to patients in many specialists including Bristol Dental Hospital, Eye Hospital and Children’s Hospital.

In 2021, Hannah joined a GP surgery to complete her independent prescribing qualification, specialising in asthma. She also developed her clinical skills in dermatology, treating conditions such as eczema and acne. Most recently, she completed aesthetics training in Harley Street, affirming her understanding of facial anatomy and dermatology.

Despoina Stylidou
Pharmacist Prescriber
GPhC: 2088146

“Our tailored and bespoke key ingredients play a vital role in people’s skin journey which reshape and change people’s lives. The best part is that I get to be part of their journey.”

Despina is an accomplished pharmacist and independent prescriber who holds a Doctor of Pharmacy qualification. Graduating with first class honours from Semmelweis University in 2013. Despina discovered a love for Dermatology and pursued her passion further by training as an independent prescriber, graduating from London South Bank University with a distinction in the speciality in 2018.

Despina followed her dermatology career within the NHS, spending five years as a primary care pharmacist in order to build her clinical expertise, leading clinics in multiple therapeutic areas for both adults and children. This led to an enhanced understanding of how skin can affect our mental health and the connection between psychology and dermatology. Despina prides herself in understanding patients’ needs, taking a holistic approach, focusing on preventative care and positive lifestyle changes.

Aman Kaur Souni
Pharmacist Prescriber
GPhC: 2219251

“Skin + Me understands the need for an individualistic approach to patient care. It’s been an honour to witness the positive impact these revolutionary products have.”

Aman graduated with a First Class honours degree in MPharm from the University of Reading and qualified after completing her training year at Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust in 2018. She started her career as a clinical pharmacist at Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust and further developed her knowledge by completing a Postgraduate diploma in Clinical Pharmacy at Cardiff University. She then trained to become an Independent Prescriber and qualified from the University of Reading in January 2022.

Aman has experience in specialities such as General Medicine, Surgery, Aseptic, Critical Care, Cardiology and Gastroenterology. She is passionate about education and training, and has been involved in numerous training sessions for doctors, nurses and junior and trainee pharmacists. Aman has a particular interest in dermatology and religiously follows her skincare routine. She aims to provide high quality care and support patients to feel confident in their own skin.

Jenni Mai
Pharmacist Prescriber
GPhC: 2219018

“It’s incredible to be part of a company that truly prioritises and provides tailored dermatological care.”

 Jenni is a qualified pharmacist and independent prescriber. She graduated from King’s College London in 2017 with a First Class Honours degree in Master of Pharmacy (MPharm). Jenni proceeded to complete her pre-registration training and went on to manage a community pharmacy in Luton for 4 years, specialising in services that promote healthy lifestyle and providing enhanced services such as stop smoking clinics, blood pressure health checks and minor ailments to the community.

Jenni is particularly passionate about skincare and dermatology and utilised her expert clinical knowledge in counselling patients and treating over-the-counter skin conditions in a community setting. Additionally, Jenni delivered essential services that provided aid to patients on their use of medicines, in addition to running private travel vaccination services.