I am experiencing dryness and irritation, what should I do?

Our Consultant Dermatologist, Malvina Cunningham explains how to manage side effects.

When first using prescription-strength acne and skin-ageing treatments, many people can experience mild dryness and tightness of the skin, flaking, which can occasionally lead to redness and stinging. This is a normal response due to the biological effect of some of our active ingredients on the top layer of your skin, and should settle down as your skin adapts to your ingredients. 

To improve any irritation, there are a few things you can do.

– Make sure you’re using a stripped back, simple and supportive skincare routine alongside your personalised solution. This includes a gentle cleanser (one that doesn’t leave your skin dry and tight, it should be hydrating with little or no exfoliating ingredients), a moisturiser and SPF.
– Remember that anything additional such as exfoliant toners, acids or treatments with other actives increases your chances of suffering side effects when you initially start. They can be introduced slowly once your skin has adapted to your Personalised Solution.

If you’re having mild side effects with your treatment we, first of all, recommend that you always apply a moisturiser 10 mins after your Personalised Solution. If this is not sufficient we recommend applying your moisturiser just before applying your Personalised Solution in the evening. If your skin still feels dry in the morning we advise that apply a moisturiser as an additional step after your gentle cleanse and before applying your sunscreen.

The most important thing is that you’re prepared and know what to expect – and know how to help your skin get through the initial steps. Stick to your routine, stay patient (we know, it’s hard!) and remember how good you’ll feel once your hard work has paid off. Listen to your skin. If you’ve buffered and the next evening you still find your skin feels irritated and angry then skip your daily dose that night.

When should I contact the Dermatology Support Team?

If you’re experiencing side effects from your treatment, your Prescriber can help to get your skin back on track. Whether you need a different formulation, a treatment to settle your skin or just some advice to help you tolerate your treatment better – we’re here for you. If you need to, you can get in touch at any time and your Prescriber will be here to help you.