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Bridal Beauty: Our Tips for Flawless Wedding Day Skin

It’s officially wedding season! Whether you’re having a socially distanced micro wedding or you’ve opted for something more traditional, one major concern for all brides is skincare. On the most-photographed day of your life, you’ll want your complexion to be naturally radiant. In this article, The Dose gives the lowdown on wedding skin and the steps to take in preparation for your big day; from a year in advance right up to the night before. 

1 year to go

Now is the time to start thinking about skin goals. Skincare takes time to take effect and it’s best to build up slowly, so although this may seem premature, it isn’t! The first step is to establish and stick to a simple skincare routine. Recommended basics are a gentle cleanser, a moisturiser and an SPF, alongside a treatment suitable for your skin type. 

Skin + Me is able to help you tackle problems with pigmentation or acne, and our dermatologist-designed and prescribed custom solutions will help you achieve your goals with consistent use. 

3 months to go

At this point, your pre-wedding skincare journey is all about consistency and perseverance. Hopefully you’ve tackled your major skin concerns, so there should be no more experimenting with actives. Sticking to your routine will give you the best chance of  a healthy skin barrier which equals a natural glow. If you’re planning on having a pre-wedding facial we recommend no more than one per month, and always tell your facialist ahead of time what actives you are using. Now would also be the time to consult with your Skin + Me dermatologist if you need to change skin goals ahead of the wedding. 

1 week to go

If you’ve been having facials regularly, make this your last appointment. From here on in stick  to what you know, being very gentle with your skin to avoid any unwanted reactions. There’s not long to go now but remember to also make time to relax and sleep well! Wedding planning is stressful but we don’t want it to show on your skin. 

The night before

It’s the night before your wedding, all plans are in place and there’s no point over thinking. Avoid putting anything new on your skin, but do treat yourself to a relaxing bath and invest time in your bodycare. Your number one priority tonight is sleep. If you’re feeling anxious, try some lavender oil on the underside of your pillow, and a little guided meditation. Put your phone away at least an hour before bed, the blue light can make it more difficult to nod off and nothing should come between you and your beauty sleep tonight.  

The day of your wedding

You probably have big plans for your makeup today, so make sure you have a great base for it. Keep it simple, and start your day with a gentle cleanser, followed by a moisturiser and SPF – you may be able to skip the moisturiser if you have oily skin. Avoid any active ingredients today in case of adverse reactions. Give your skincare time to absorb before applying any makeup, and then forget about it. You have more exciting things to think about! 

The night of your wedding

Don’t forget to cleanse! If you’ve had a lot of makeup on today, try double cleansing. Your first cleanse should be oil-based to remove all of your makeup, while the second removes any residual oil to properly clean your skin. Now all that’s left to do is enjoy your wedding night!