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Dermatologist-Recommended: Products for a Simple, Effective Routine

It goes without saying – we’re pretty lucky to have an expert Dermatology Team on hand to answer all our burning skincare questions. And if there’s one thing we’re always nagging them about, it’s what they’ve found to be the best products we could ever hope to use in our skincare routines.

We’re big fans of keeping things simple, and if you’re using a Skin + Me personalised solution, a simple routine will allow your chosen active ingredients to get to work. So, our Dermatology Team recommend using a stripped-back routine, which you’ll see below (and can save to your camera roll until you know it off by heart!), and goes a little something like this:

So in the morning, start your routine with your cleanser, then your moisturiser (if your skin’s too dry) and finish it off with a layer of sunscreen (a broad-spectrum one with an SPF of at least 30) – just before your makeup, if you wear any.

And then in the evening, just before bed and once you’ve taken any makeup off, use your cleanser again, then your Skin + Me personalised solution. Wait 10 minutes, then apply your moisturiser.

And that’s it. We couldn’t believe it when they told us – after years of lugging around endless products on holidays, weekend breaks and work trips, we were pretty much over the moon to find out that the most effective routine is a simple one with so few steps. 

Find the top-recommended products, from makeup removers to cleansers and sunscreens to moisturisers, our expert Dermatology Team recommend time and time again to go hand in hand with your Skin + Me personalised solution here.

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