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Ask A Dermatologist: How To Treat Under Eye Bags

Not to be confused with dark circles, under-eye bags can be a real annoyance for those of us who have them. Where dark circles are generally patches of darker skin under the eyes and are genetic, under-eye bags appear for many of us as we get older. And, unfortunately, they can be pretty difficult to get rid of. Today, The Dose is looking into the causes and the treatments available for under-eye bags. 

What causes under-eye bags?

Under-eye bags are a small protrusion of fat beneath the eyes that tends to become more obvious with age. Due to a combination of gravity, wrinkles and loss of collagen, they gradually become more visible with time. While much of the beauty world has convinced us that an eye cream is the solution or a fancy eye mask that’s filled with gold flakes, the reality is that under-eye bags can’t be eliminated entirely. However, there are ways to minimise the appearance of them and decrease any swelling, which will in turn make them much less visible, if that’s your goal. 

How can I treat my under-eye bags?

There are a few different ways that under-eye bags can be treated, and they all have different pros and cons. Some are cheap and simple, but aren’t as effective, while the most drastic solutions also have the highest price point. We’re of the opinion that under-eye bags are a part of life and ageing gracefully, but here are the best ways to reduce that puffy-eyed appearance should you wish to. 

Lifestyle changes

Ensuring you get enough sleep is a big help when it comes to mitigating under-eye bags. Sleep helps the body recover more quickly, and you’re more likely to wake up with puffy eyes when you haven’t given your body time to rest. Ensuring your head and shoulders are slightly elevated while sleeping on your back can also be beneficial. 

A healthy, balanced diet may sound boring, but it’s a solution to a lot of problems, including under-eye bags. Avoiding eating too much salt or reducing your alcohol consumption can help avoid dehydration and improve overall skin health, which in turn decreases the appearance of under-eye bags.


When it comes to under-eye bags, there aren’t many skincare products that can help. Your best bet is an eye cream containing caffeine, which, when used in the morning, can help reduce the swelling under the eyes.

Tweakments and treatments

Dermal fillers may be the way to go if you’re really invested in minimising the appearance of under-eye bags. These are injectable face fillers, and are a gel which can help add volume to where they’re injected. However, they are unregulated in the UK, so ensure that whoever performs the treatment is a licensed aesthetician or dermatologist.

Blepharoplasty is a surgical option, and is a semi-permanent solution. With this, excess muscle, skin and fat is removed from the area, effectively removing the under-eye bags. However, they are likely to reoccur with time, as under-eye bags are a natural consequence of time and gravity.

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