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The production of skincare can be an incredibly polluting process and with many companies pushing customers to buy unneccessary products, elaborately packaged in non recyclable plastic – the environment is suffering as a result. At Skin + Me we champion minimalism (or skinimalism), and challenge the beauty industry to meet our sustainability standards. Today on The Dose, we’re breaking down the ways we minimise our impact on the planet and the areas we’re still working hard to improve…

Less Waste

Waste is one of the beauty industry’s biggest problems. That’s one of the reasons we designed our Daily Doser to have exactly the right amount of product for one month. Every twist + click gives you a daily dose that’s not too much and not too little, with no waste. Plus, they’re multi-tasking, taking the place of multiple products in your routine designed to tackle different skin concerns. We developed a product to simplify the routine of millions of people, which will allow them to reduce the number of products they buy – and the environmental waste. 

You get a new Daily Doser each month, meaning there’s also no chance of excess production and no chance of expired products being thrown away.

We keep our packaging small as well. We use Royal Mail so there’s no need for extra journeys (and a larger carbon footprint) from couriers, and it’s small enough to post through your letterbox. 

Responsible packaging

Our Daily Doser is made from infinitely recyclable aluminium making it strong enough to survive the post without excess outer packaging. So, we can send it in thinner, lighter packaging, which has a smaller carbon footprint. Our packaging is only ever made from card from FSC-registered forests and it’s fully recyclable, so you can toss it straight into your recycling bin without worrying. 

The Daily Doser packaging has been a labour of love, and we’re still working to perfect it. We wanted it to be recyclable, while still dispensing exactly the right amount for each daily dose of prescription skincare. 

While our Daily Dosers use infinitely recyclable aluminium, but do still contain some plastic. We’re working hard to continue reducing this plastic percentage as much as we can.