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Caroline Hirons: My Skin + Me Journey

Trained as a globally qualified advanced aesthetician, worked in and influenced the beauty and skincare industry for decades and boasting over 665,000 super-devoted fans on the ‘gram, you could say straight-talking skincare guru Caroline Hirons knows her stuff.

You may have also noticed Caroline singing the praises of her Daily Doser online this week, having been on her skincare journey with Skin + Me for well over a year. We happily reshared the love. 

It’s so gratifying when any of our subscribers post about their Positive Personal Progress, and we got the glow when Caroline gave her Daily Doser a shout out for being, “fabulous for helping treat my pigmentation, fine lines and keeping my skin look its best.” 

More from Caroline

“Skin + Me has been a regular in my evening routine since it launched. It’s created with your skin in mind. You start off answering some questions about your skin with an online consultation where a member of the Dermatology Team will be able to see which blend of actives is right for you.

“Formulated for your specific skin type and concerns, the Daily Doser is sent direct to your door every month (without you having to lift a finger) and your concentrations evolve over time with your skin so you can build up tolerance and still see results.” 

“Skin + Me offers a tailored treatment, designed by dermatologists that specifically caters to your individual skin concerns. What safer way to use powerful active ingredients in your evening skincare routine than under the guidance of medical professionals? Skin + Me can make a big difference to both your daily routine, and your skin!”

“Each night before bed, on twist of your Doser dispenses the perfect amount of cream so you always get exactly what you need.

“An absolute bargain for a completely tailored-to-you treatment, giving your skin exactly what it needs.”

Thank-you! What you said about Skin + Me @CarolineHirons…

“This changed my skin to the next level! Thank you for introducing me to it!”“I’m in my second month and seeing improvements in my skin. Love it.”“Best thing I’ve ever done for my 41-year-old skin.”
“This has worked wonders for my hormonal breakouts and scarring. Absolutely transformed my skin!”“My skin has never been better alongside a consistent skincare routine. My acne has gone and my fine lines are definitely improving”“I use this and my rosacea is so much better.”
“Skin + Me has been my saviour, after four months of consistent use alongside the recommended skin regime, my skin’s never looked better!”“Currently on my fifth Doser. Absolutely loving it, it’s really made a huge difference to my skincare game.”“I’ve been using this for a year and a half. Definitely worth sticking with. I’ve noticed a massive difference!”

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