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Community Wisdom: Makeup Tips

Here at Skin + Me, we love sharing and hearing about your unique journeys to happier and healthier skin. Our community of ‘skinfluencers’ on Facebook is full of wisdom and support with skincare advice and makeup tips that work for you.

This week, we asked our Facebook community, The Collective: “How does your skincare affect your makeup?” Here’s what you said…

Tashika: I have oily skin which has become more combination since starting Skin + Me. I have drier areas too which can be difficult when applying makeup. I use a moisturiser before my sunscreen and then a very light coverage foundation with hyaluronic acid in, which evens everything out.

Eleni: Skin + Me definitely changed my relationship with makeup. I now wear none! I go all-natural and on the days that my skin isn’t complying, I use a very light BB cream. Another great thing is drinking a lot of water and my skin glows all the time!

Kaylisa: I have combination/dry skin but also rosacea. I’m currently on a rosacea treatment with Skin + Me which has massively helped calm down the redness in my skin which I am most insecure about. I’m finding I don’t need to cover up my skin as much with makeup. Nowadays, I find just wearing a tinted SPF during the week is sufficient for me.

I’d say my first tip would be to find a really good tinted SPF that can replace your day-to-day foundation. This really helps your skin breathe but also stay protected. I keep my skincare routine super simple, no five or six-step routines over here. I’ve had the best results from a cleanser, moisturiser, treatment and SPF.

Lindsey: I have combination skin and I’m 48. I’ve found that cream products suit my skin better and sit better on my skin. My Skin + Me does the hard work of cell turnover and keeping the texture of skin at its best. Then it’s my job to keep it hydrated.

I also use Vitamin C in the morning along with a PHA to keep me exfoliated. I use tinted moisturiser and build up rather than full coverage foundation. I use cream blush and eyeshadow and am always set with setting spray. I find that if I do that, my skin looks fresh and glowy.

Becky: As I continue using Skin + Me to help clear up my acne scarring, I’m still a lover of a full coverage foundation. I have combination/sensitive skin and find my foundation tends to run off my nose and chin. My best fix is to use a dampened beauty blender to really work the foundation into the skin.

My friend who’s a makeup artist has also introduced me to new makeup brushes, which I use mimicking the same technique I would with a beauty blender to get a good base. Once dried, everything else goes on a dream.

Sam: I have combination skin and I’m in my first month of Skin + Me. The purge has started. So, at the moment, less is more with the base of makeup as I’m just finding it is clinging to the spots. A tinted moisturiser is fast becoming my friend.

When I wear a full face of makeup though, my biggest tip is to go slow. When I put it all on one step after another, within an hour of going out, it slowly comes off and moves. Now, I do my face, straighten half of my hair, come back and touch up any base that may have moved.

Then, I do my eyes and contour. Finish straightening my hair. Then set, mascara and lipstick. It sounds like a long process but then my makeup looks the same when I get home as when I go out.

Mar: I have combination skin and I don’t really wear foundation, only a bit of concealer and now I’m more confident in my skin. If you do wear foundation, my first tip would be to always use a primer and my second would be to make sure that your makeup is always non-comedogenic

Adel: I have oily/combination skin. When I had so many spots and blemishes I was so conscious, I just tried to cover them up using whatever I could: heavy foundation, powders to soak excess oil and constant dabbing. But since being on Skin + Me, my skin is so much better now.

If I choose to wear make-up, which is rare these days, I mix my BB cream with a primer and need very little, then a light dusting of setting powder and it looks and feels so much more natural. I’d always say less is more in the case of oily skin too. As long as my skin is hydrated with moisturiser and I’m drinking plenty of water, I don’t get as oily when wearing makeup.”

Thank you all for sharing! We loved finding out about how your skincare affects your personal makeup routine. If you’re ever in need of a little extra support on your journey to better skin, check out our private Facebook community, The Collective, to join our pool of skinfluencers.

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