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Myth Buster: Is My Cold Giving Me Spots?

Many factors play into whether we get spots. Genetic propensity, stress, skin type, hormone fluctuations, a low immune system, a compromised skin barrier, environment and lifestyle can play a role in whether acne gets a grip this season.

During the winter months, some of those factors increase – cold air, temperature fluctuations and central heating don’t help. 

Illness can become a vicious circle, a cough that keeps you up at night can make it harder to make positive choices during the day, like taking no time outdoors or cleansing properly. Stress hormones can trigger oil glands to overproduce oil, you may well find yourself with shinier skin than usual. As hard as it can be, try to stick to your routine. Don’t forget to use non-pore blocking products to cleanse and moisturise.

Is my cold giving me spots?

If you’re not feeling your best and that shows in your skin, that’s natural. Low immunity, less sunlight and the curse of moisture-sapping central heating can all collude to give you a dull, flakey complexion.

If your skin feels more oily, that can result in blocked pores and  more spots. Repeated nose blowing and face touching associated with trying to shake off that dreaded lurgy can also add redness and transfer spot-triggering bacteria onto your face.

And while we can’t banish those breakouts completely, we can do our best to manage them until we’re back to sparkling form again.

How do I keep my skin clear when I’ve got a cold?

Here’s our tips for keeping your skin on track when winter infections lure their heads:

Stick to your routine

The first thing you may want to do when you have a heavy cold is to shut off the world and hunker down in bed. When it comes to work, childcare or standard routine normalities like exercise or skincare? You’re doing the absolute minimum. 

If you want to recover without it showing in your skin, stick to your routine as much as possible. Biodegradable micellar wipes by your bed (just this one time, we promise) and a non-pore blocking moisturiser, morning and evening will keep spots at bay. Remember skin still needs cleansing, even if you’re not wearing makeup. 

Don’t forget your Daily Doser too. It may contain spot-fighting active ingredients like tretinoin and clindamycin that can do a lot of the acne-busting heavy lifting for you. 

Prioritise sleep

Your body is telling you that you need to rest and trust us, that’s ok. In this ‘always on’ world it can be hard to forgive yourself for not ticking off every part of your to-do list. It will still be there tomorrow, we promise. Put your phone on silent and sleep tight.

Change your pillowcase

All this time in bed means your sheets are getting some heavy use. When was the last time you changed your pillowcase? Switch it for a fresh one with zero bacteria build-up and you’ll be surprised at what a tiny change can do for your morale (and your skin). It’s the little things. 

Stay hydrated

Coffee, Lemsip or Lucozade – whatever gets you through until you feel better. Just remember to drink water and if you do really have to indulge in Coke, teeth cleaning is compulsory. Dehydration can show in your skin. Plus relying on sugary drinks for caffeine for energy is a short-term solution to get through the day. Sparkling skin doesn’t come from a can of soda.

Get some daylight

Feeling happy in your skin is about your mental health as much as your complexion. Ways to give it a boost? When you feel well enough, get outdoors for a dose of vitamin D and some fresh air on your face. Don’t forget sunscreen and wrap up warm. That cold doesn’t stand a chance. 

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