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Olivia Nicholls + Alicia Barnett: On-Court Beauty And Off-Court Rituals

Strawberries and cream? Check. An icy glass of Pimms? Check. Factor 50 sunscreen? Check!

We had the best time cheering on our friends – tennis players and UK No.1 Ladies Doubles partners Olivia Nicholls and Alicia Barnett as they competed at Wimbledon, and we had the absolute honour of sponsoring their kit during the competition. 

While they were killing it on court, we were curious as to how they prepare for matches – Rituals? Regimes? Good luck charms? Read on for their match-day habits, plus a window into their on-court beauty non-negotiables.

On-Court Beauty

Skin + Me: What are your go-to skincare products on match days? 

Olivia: I keep my skincare routine relatively simple on match days – cleanse, tone, moisturise and then apply my Skin + Me Daily Defence Sunscreen

Alicia: I’m similar and my sunscreen is by far the most important product for me.

Skin + Me: Why is wearing sunscreen important on court?

Olivia: Applying Daily Defence is part of my morning routine. I then reapply before I step on court. It’s perfect for me as a tennis player because it doesn’t irritate my skin, and it dries down really well and protects my skin even when I’m sweating.

Alicia: As a tennis player, I am constantly in the sun battling against the elements and need all the protection I can get. Skin + Me’s Daily Defence Sunscreen is lightweight and non-greasy so I can wear it on court but also off court before putting makeup on. 

Skin + Me: Do you wear any makeup on court? If so, what products and why are they great for wearing during a game? 

Alicia: I always wear mascara just to make me feel a little more suited and booted. I think it’s important to feel good, to get the most out of yourself everyday. 

Skin + Me: Our community also has a few questions for you – the first is on blister prevention, something we’re sure you have a lot of experience with. Any tips or products that you couldn’t play without?

Olivia: My hands get quite sweaty when I play so I’ve used tourna grips (special tape for tennis rackets) for a few years now. They stop my hands from slipping and are also very comfortable so I don’t get blisters.

Alicia: I regularly change my tennis racquet grips and wear thick socks to prevent blistering. 

Skin + Me: Our second community question is deodorant – natural or regular, aerosol or roll-on? Particular brand that works best for you? 

Olivia: I use Mitchum roll on! It’s the best deodorant – it keeps me smelling fresh during long matches on hot days!

Alicia: I use Mitchum too, the powder fresh deodorant. I feel it’s easy to travel with and despite working hard keeps me smelling fresh.

Off-Court Rituals

Skin + Me: Do you have any post-match rituals? 

Olivia: Post-match, I normally go through the same routine of a cool down, stretch and shower, followed by a good meal to make sure I’m ready to go again the following day.

Alicia: Post-match, I always make sure to cool down properly and stretch before getting a shower. 

Skin + Me: What makeup do you use off court? Any holy grails that you love, or viral products you bought on a whim? 

Olivia: I don’t wear a huge amount of makeup and when I do I go for quite a natural look, so Bare Minerals has always been my go-to powder foundation.

Alicia: I keep my day-to-day makeup simple with waterproof mascara and my MAC powder. To dress up a bit more I’ll use NARS bronzer and highlighters. I really like the NARS Duo Eyeshadow and often use the silvery one as a highlighter on my cheekbones. 

Skin + Me: Can you tell us a bit about your Skin + Me journey using your Daily Doser? How long have you been using it for, what have your results been like, how does it make you feel? 

Olivia: I’ve been using it for a few months now and can see that my skin is glowing more now as a result. This makes me feel confident day to day.

Alicia: I’m still at the beginning, but already have it part of my routine and feel it’s matched my skin type and needs perfectly. 

Skin + Me: Other than the Daily Doser, what does the rest of your skincare routine look like? 

Olivia: I use micellar water to remove any makeup and sunscreen, and then cleanse and tone before applying my vitamin C serum and Daily Doser.

Alicia: I always start with my cleanser, then toner, followed by my vitamin C serum and lastly my Daily Doser. In general I love serums! Definitely jumped on board the retinol train.

Skin + Me: What are your favourite meals and snacks for refuelling before and after a big game? Any favourite recipes or genius combinations? 

Olivia: Pre-match I like to keep it simple and usually have a bowl of pasta so I’m loaded with carbs and energy ready for the match. 

Afterwards, it’s important to get a combination of carbs and protein so I tend to go for a rice and tofu combination to make sure I’m refuelled and ready to go. Most of the time we’re away from home so we either eat out or get delivery.

Alicia: Food is super important to make sure I perform and keep recovering well. In general, I like to have a really balanced diet with lots of vegetables and fruit and during competition it’s important to get lots of protein and carbs in. 

Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day so I would usually have porridge with berries and manuka honey, then two eggs on brown bread. During the match I’ll always have a banana. 

Skin + Me: What are your relaxing rituals after a game?

Olivia: Lissey (Alicia) and I are both big tea drinkers so this is something we often do to chill and relax. I also prefer to go out for dinner with friends when I’m away if I have the option to do so. 

Alicia: Tea is a MUST – I even travel with my own tea bags!

Skin + Me: Finally, rest and sleep – how much do you try to get and why is it important to athletes?

Olivia: It’s extremely important and it allows your body to recover and repair after all the physical strain we are under. Eight hours is normally a good amount for me.

Alicia: I need a lot of sleep! After 9-10 hours I usually feel great. But I do wake up naturally every morning quite early so I have to make sure I get to bed on time. Sleep is crucial for recovery and tiredness can be detrimental when you are trying to make decisions and keep mentally tough on court.

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