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Just For You: Meet The Faces Of The Skin + Me TV Advert

Next time you’re catching up on your favourite reality series, gripped by the latest drama or laughing along with your comfort comedy show, you might just spot your favourite skincare brand. That’s right: we’re delighted to announce that our very first Skin + Me TV advertising campaign, “Just For You”, is now hitting your screens. 

In our trio of adverts you’ll meet Edel, Naomi and Katherine, three genuine Skin + Me subscribers who have all been using their personalised skincare routines long-term. They’ve all seen impressive results – in fact, Edel, Naomi and Katherine had been documenting their skin journeys with Skin + Me on Instagram even before we asked them to take part.

The adverts depict a selection of intimate moments in Katherine, Edel and Naomi’s lives, from holidays and nights out to squeezing spots and moments of self-doubt. Each moment captured from childhood to the present day represents the life experiences that show on our skin. Skin + Me takes all of these unique points of difference and formulates personalised routines that help you achieve your skin goals. 

The Just For You adverts are a continuation of our promise to only ever shoot real skin in advertising campaigns. We launched this pledge back in September last year with our customer campaign, “No Filters. Just Skin + Me”, and we’re proud that the new TV campaign builds on this philosophy. Your skin tells your story – it’s why we create personalised skincare, just for you.


27, London
Skin + Me subscriber since June 2023

Skin goal: Target pigmentation

Edel’s story depicts her having fun on nights out and sunny holidays, but also touches on the pressure she felt to look perfect on her wedding day, and her hopes to be the best role model for her son. She began using Skin + Me after seeing an advert on the train more then six months ago, and wondered if a personalised treatment could tackle her hyperpigmentation

“Seeing the question about breastfeeding on the questionnaire was a good sign for me,” Edel explains. “I took the most honest pictures and sent them to the team so I knew what was coming was just for me, and tailored to the stage of life I’m in.” 

It only took a month for her to see results, and Edel credits Skin + Me with helping her to feel comfortable in her own skin. “It made me feel clean and put together. All I had to do was do my eyebrows and go out. Before I didn’t have that bright skin – it was always dull. It gave me my confidence back.”

Since then Edel has been embracing her fresh-faced lifestyle with her family. “When I feel confident in my skin I go to restaurants makeup-free, I meet my friends makeup-free, I go to work makeup-free, and I also take selfies makeup-free.” 


28, Leeds
Skin + Me subscriber since June 2023
Skin goal: Improve skin texture

Naomi’s skin journey has had a range of ups and downs, beginning back in her younger years. She felt insecure about her skin, which affected her self esteem, but through using Skin + Me as a form of self case, she was able to heal her relationship with her skin. 

“When your skin doesn’t look it’s best, you don’t feel your best,” she explains. “I used to wear lots of makeup when I was in high school. It was common then but I feel sorry for my skin having to deal with all that foundation with no skincare routine.”

Once she began using Skin + Me as a form of self care, Naomi’s confidence rose, and she noticed the difference both inside and out. “My texture got better, I wasn’t having any lumps and bumps or redness or soreness,” she says. “When you look good you just feel good, and it radiates off you.”

Naomi’s active lifestyle means that she spends a lot of time playing contact sports, hiking mountains and exploring new places, so she’s happy to have a simple skincare routine that truly works. “I just feel so much better in myself,” she says. “If I do ever need to wear makeup, I’ve noticed my skin looks so hydrated, fresh and healthier overall.”


28, London
Skin + Me subscriber since January 2021
Skin goals: Clear spots

Katherine struggled with cystic acne, and hid behind her mask during the pandemic – her Skin + Me advert documents her breakouts alongside her passions for winter sports and sweaty gym sessions. 

“When I first joined Skin + Me, my number one goal was to cure my acne – it was panic stations to fix my biggest insecurity,” explains Katherine. “Now I’ve come such a long way, my goal is to maintain that glowy, gorgeous skin that Skin + Me can help achieve.”

After around three months she started to see results, and she considers six months the turning point. “I saw that my skin looked more alive, it was a lot healthier and it had more of a dewiness to it.” Not only does she feel like a massive weight has been lifted, but she also is embracing her stripped back routine – “Skin + Me has made the hassle of working out and my busy lifestyle a lot more simple going forward,” she adds. 

Now that Katherine has achieved her skin goal and got her acne under control, she’s enjoying her new-found freedom. “Now I’ve come such a long way, my goal is to maintain that glowy, gorgeous skin that Skin + Me can help achieve,” she says. “I used to hide from certain things in life, but now I can focus on the things that make me happy.” 

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