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Skin + Me Stories: Wedding Skincare Routine with Ellen

We’re following Skin + Me Subscribers, happy couple Ellen and Tom in the build-up to their big day this summer. Now, nearly three months into her personalised skincare journey, we check in with Ellen on her routine challenges, topical treatments, hopes and dreams when it comes to her wedding day skin.

A reminder of Ellen’s routine so far, “I cleanse, use my Daily Doser and moisturise every night. It contains tretinoin, niacinamide and azelaic acid. I’m being more vigilant than ever with SPF every day because I know tretinoin can make skin more sensitive to the sun.”

So far so good. Since last month, Ellen’s switched her wrap around routine to incorporate Skin + Me’s latest Purify + Prep Hydrating Cleanser and Soothe + Smooth Rich Moisturiser

Her thoughts? “My skin’s adjusted to the increasing concentration of tretinoin (now at 0.012%) in my Daily Doser well, but at this stage and just weeks away from my big day, I’m continuing to buffer my treatment with Moisturiser post-cleanse. 

“The Skin + Me Rich Moisturiser does the job. It’s replenishing but quickly absorbed so I can get through my evening routine fast, even when I’m working late or falling into bed after the gym.”

In addition to constantly using her Daily Doser – and an enhanced three-step routine – Ellen’s booked two pre-wedding facials at No.23 Skin Clinic (follow them at @no23skin). Ellen explains,

“Helen, the Founder and skincare guru at No23 Skin advised that the best time to plan additional facials to prepare for my big event would be the beginning of April – eight weeks before the wedding and the end of May – just two days before the wedding.

“The goal of my first facial was to even out my skin tone and tackle blemishes. The second is to gently prepare my skin for wedding day makeup. It may involve light exfoliation and will most definitely focus on hydration.”

 “I’ve always been clear that I’m planning to wear minimal, natural-looking makeup on my big day and let my skin do the talking. Makeup looks better on hydrated, healthy skin so that’s what I’m hoping for, and my consistency using my Doser is one big step towards having an optimised canvas to work with.

Makeup looks better on hydrated, healthy skin.”

“My first facial was a tailored treatment to deliver exactly what my skin needed. I asked for a UV skin check for sun damage and there was a key focus on my blocked pores (and milia) that I was hoping to make less visible. I had a relaxing neck massage, skin peel and gentle exfoliation. There was lots of follow-up advice and I felt relaxed and confident in my skin when I left. Now my skin’s settled, it feels smoother and revived. I’m continuing my usual Skin + Me routine, with my Hydrating Moisturiser as a buffer before applying my Daily Doser each evening.

I’m looking forward to my final pre-wedding facial. I’ll update you here – and share back images from my big day after that. Watch this space!”

N.B Stay locked! We look forward to reporting back this June from Ellen and Tom’s big day with her final wedding look.  

Community Wedding Wisdom

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Ellie: I joined Skin + Me seven months ago. I’m also focusing on really keeping my skin hydrated, using a silk pillowcase to help both my skin and hair. I’m hoping for glowing skin at my wedding.

Kershia: I was a bride in June 2021, and I’m gutted that I didn’t find Skin + Me last year. I would have embraced my natural glowing skin and wouldn’t have needed to cake my face in foundation to hide my pigmentation! After discovering Skin + Me six months ago, my whole routine has changed. I’m on my (belated) honeymoon in five weeks and I’ve never felt more confident about my skin!

The Big Day Countdown

One week to go? You got you!  Remember, on the big day, your goal should be enhancing your skin rather than concealing, ready for those happy photos. Follow our no-fuss guide to keep your skin on track.

+ Do stick to your tried and tested routine. That means cleanse, treat and hydrate every evening.

+ Do protect yourself with an SPF 30+ sunscreen every day. No one wants awkward peeling and a red nose to tackle for the big event.

+ Do get physical. Gentle exercise gives your skin a healthy glow. 

+ Do consider cutting back on sodium, alcohol and caffeine temporarily to ensure you look (and feel) your best self.

+ Don’t pop your spots! Treat and hydrate. You don’t want to push the infection deeper into your skin and risk scarring.

+ Don’t try a new product in the days before your wedding (potential reaction alert!) 

+ Don’t overuse active ingredients to avoid dryness and irritation.

+ Don’t panic. Be uniquely you. Shoulders back, you’re going to be fabulous.

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