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Essential Skincare Tips For Going On Holiday

Holiday travel plans? Don’t leave your healthy skincare routine at home.

Because the best skincare routines have flexibility built in – we’re here with the best of your on-the-go advice to get from A to B this holiday season, without compromising your skin.

Great skin, wherever you go

First thing’s first – get your skin prepped so that you can put your feet up when the holidays begin. In the lead up to holidays and travelling, continue to use your bespoke treatment Daily Doser and hydrate your skin with a skin-specific moisturiser.

Decant your cleanser, moisturiser and SPF into smaller, reusable pots to lighten your load on the go. Less is more, and if you need to pack – skinimalism is the way to go.

Pre-travel treatments

We love makeup to enhance, lift a mood or have fun. Rather than covering up perceived flaws, think of it as a tool to confidently celebrate who you are. If your holiday season is sprinkled with parties then get prepped to play up your favourite features in advance.

Bring focus to your eyes with a brow shape and dye or try temporary lashes at your local salon. A classic manicure or squared festive red nails will also add polish to your look as you raise a toast to the season. 

Planning a more relaxing break from the daily grind? A lighter makeup bag will free you up from mirror-time, just don’t forget your daily SPF.

In motion

Keep your skin in check by staying hydrated on your journey. And as tempting as that drink tolley looks, try to avoid alcohol and salty snacks if you’re flying. 

Accept that that recycled aeroplane air will temporarily affect your skin. Our Consultant Dermatologist, Dr Malvina Cunningham explains: “During actual travel itself, stress and dry plane air can dry out your skin. Fresh air commonly has higher levels of oxygen than air indoors (or on a flight) and skin cells rely on oxygen to survive. Oxygen also improves tissue repair and circulation. If your skin doesn’t get enough oxygen, it becomes more vulnerable to free radical damage and will look lacklustre and dull.” 

Try not to wear too much makeup – or plump for non-comedogenic (non pore-clogging) cover-ups. Take the same steps mid-journey as you would do at home by using your cleanser and moisturiser as normal. Avoid throw-away cleansing wipes! Your skin – and the planet – deserve better.

On a red eye? Artificial light can tamper with your skin’s ability to look its best. Don’t forget to pack the black-out eye mask.

Head of Medical, Dr Jason Thomson explains what travel-related sleep deprivation can do to skin: “Natural light can help reset our circadian rhythms – our bodies’ natural sleep-wake regulators. In turn good sleep equals good skin. When we sleep our skin goes into rest and repair mode – it’s when our skin regenerates itself without any interference from UVA, UVB light, stress and more. Sleep well and your skin will look healthy and rested.”

Skin flare-ups 

It’s hard to predict in advance how your skin could react to a change in altitudes and environments and extreme temperature changes. Common travel concerns include puffiness (water retention), increased dryness and skin sensitivity. 

As we know, sleep is your friend. Take a multivitamin supplement if you want to boost your immune system and stick to your routine as closely as possible. You want to arrive and depart looking your best.

Travel skincare tips and recommendations from a Dermatologist

Consultant Dermatologist, Dr Malvina Cunningham has a few tricks up her sleeve when it comes to travel and skincare – and product suggestions that make going the distance a pleasure:

Stick to your routine

“There is a tendency not to follow your normal routine or take skin medication on holiday which can result in a flare up of conditions, even if it’s just a week of interruption. Decant product into travel size containers (ideally non-plastic, reusable or recyclable ones) and stick to twice daily cleansing.”

Don’t introduce new products 

“The temptation is there to use up all the small testers that one accumulates, but stick to what your skin knows to avoid risking any major flare-ups or irritation whilst away.”

SPF still matters

“If you’re going somewhere sunny or if you’re lucky enough to go on a skiing holiday, make sure to step up your sunscreen to SPF 50 if you’ve been using lower factors recently.”

Care for your hands

Travelling means a lot of alcohol gel, more hand washing and stressed hands. I like hand gels that contain emollients such as Bioderma’s Biphase Lipo Alcoholic spray. Always carry a good hand cream with you to use afterwards too. Try Cerave’s Therapeutic Hand Cream, O’Keefe’s Working Hands is great value, or treat yourself to Kiehls Hand Salve.”

Tretinoin tips

If you’re using tretinoin and you are going away you can continue using it. If you’re going somewhere warm for the holidays, the warmer weather will actually help you tolerate it better but make sure you’re protecting yourself from the sun and wearing SPF 50.”

Facing the elements

Anyone going on a winter holiday should step up their moisturiser with a richer formula – the cold temperature will add additional stresses to your skin. If this is not enough, you can reduce the frequency of application of your tretinoin whilst away and temporarily use it every other day if previously using it daily.

If you’re jetting off this summer, or stay-cationing somewhere in the UK, don’t forget to pack your skincare essentials. Your personalised Daily Doser and our new Cleanser and Moisturisers, all under 100ml and perfect for skincare on the go!

Medical facts checked by Consultant Dermatologist, Dr Malvina Cunningham

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