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Adios 2021! We’ll remember you as the year of the face mask – and we’re not talking coconut sheet selfcare.

While some things will sadly remain constant into 2022, we’re pumped to welcome the official step change that comes in January. A whole New Year is on the horizon and with it, the chance to review and reset our intentions when it comes to skincare – and a brighter, bolder attitude – is here.

What did you love? What will you switch? What positive habits are you planning to establish? 

Maybe you’re vowing to quit alcohol (we’ve all been there) or to drink more water throughout the day? Maybe you’re recommitting to using your Daily Doser every evening, carving out a regular self care ritual, or promising to pass all your beauty secrets onto your kids so they know the importance of good skincare. Less leaning on coverup? Getting outside more? Or our all-time favourite resolution, applying SPF Every. Single. Day.

We asked our community members on The Collective – that’s you – about skincare or beauty resolutions you’ll be making come 2022 and we loved your responses. Still undecided about taking a new direction in the New Year? Read on and be inspired.

What are your beauty and skincare resolutions for 2022?

Claire: My beauty resolution is to continue using my Skin + Me Daily Doser and keeping my routine super simple. It’s really helping my skin by not using different multiple products on it all the time. I’m such a skin care product queen!

Rebecca: I’ve recently found out I am intolerant to dairy and gluten. This has been the main cause of acne for 20 years! I vow to stick to a dairy and gluten-free diet and continue to use my Daily Doser to fix the damage that my intolerances have caused. My skin is looking fabulous after using Skin + Me for almost 12 months. I couldn’t be happier. 

Tamsyn: Always cleanse in the morning, even when I’m super tired!

Emma: Always taking that 15 minutes at the end of the day to do skincare. Taking a bit of me time will do wonders for my health.

Thomas: My resolution is to remember not to blame myself for my skin not being perfect. I’m always doing something proactive about it, and if I have a breakout or a rosacea flare up, it’s not my fault.

Laura: SPF every day even if I’m not going out!

Kylie: To wear SPF factor 50 daily as advised by the dermatologist. I’m very pale but rubbish at doing it consistently!

Sophie: Remember to take my makeup off! No matter what state I’m in!

Dawn: My beauty resolution is to stop trying different products, if it’s not broke, don’t fix it! I’ve been religiously using Skin + Me for a year but spend too much money on other bits. 

Steph: Always do my morning skincare even on days I’m not leaving the house – those are the days I tend to just leave it until I shower in the evening.

Lorna: SPF EVERY day! Not to keep trying new products, Skin+Me and a simple routine is key.

Laura M: My resolution is to take more family photos with me in them. No matter how I feel, or how my skin looks because at the end of the day my children aren’t going to notice what I look like when they are looking through photos in years to come. 

Becky: Be more forgiving, less judgemental, and remember SPF daily! Forget the haters and live happily.

Olivia: Never skipping a day of SPF – I hate to admit I still sometimes forget this step in the mornings.

Emma: Remember to wear SPF everyday. 

Abby: To maintain my AM and PM skincare routine that I’ve stuck to for five weeks since I switched to Skin + Me. Also to continue learning about my skin to prevent me buying more pointless products!

Katie: Meditation and relaxation to destress my skin from the inside out.

Charlotte: Stick to my skincare routine and plan my meals better so I don’t go cupboard raiding.

Liz: My resolution is to love my lines and ageing skin. I’m lucky because at 48 I have very few lines but I want to learn to love the little creases that I have, whilst using a good skin care routine.

Amy: To start using SPF consistently! 

Vikki: Drink more water, be consistent with skincare and embrace my 40s which are coming next year.

Thanks for all of your contributions. Some of the tips above have been edited for clarity and brevity. Head over to The Collective for more.


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