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Community Wisdom: How Does Good Skin Make You Feel?

At Skin + Me there’s nothing we love more than sharing your personal progress pictures and skincare wisdom. This week we asked our Instagram and Facebook community, ‘how does good skin make you feel ?’ and today, we’re sharing your thoughts…

“Good skin makes me feel like I’m the most beautiful and confident woman in the world”

“I love feeling like I no longer need to hide my skin under a thick heavy layer of makeup. I definitely feel more confident and comfortable which affects my whole mood.”

“Good skin makes me glow! I feel fresh and clean and confident”

“Good skin makes you ooze with confidence, self-worth and self-love! It also helps you become comfortable in your own skin which is super important. There’s no better feeling than looking in the mirror and accepting yourself in your own natural light. We only get given one skin! So let’s take care and protect it”

“Good skin makes me feel confident, powerful and beautiful”

“Having good skin gives me the space to enjoy feeling like myself, without a constant blanket of insecurity. Life feels more effortless because makeup doesn’t need to be part of my routine and it just boosts my mood so much to feel happy and content when I look in the mirror!”

“I love the fact that I don’t have to “hide” behind my makeup anymore. The confidence to be able to leave the house without it is liberating.”

These quotes show that skincare isn’t superficial. We may appear to only be caring for the outside of our bodies, but in taking time and effort to do something good for our bodies, we also take care of our minds. Slowing down, taking care of ourselves in whatever small way we choose, can have a huge impact on mental wellbeing and day to day happiness. 

Taking care of our skin can help us to feel more confident, but taking that time to do something for ourselves every day also helps us to love and respect ourselves. 

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