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Skin + Me Stories: Before and After Acne with Evie Venables

While clearing acne might be a common skin goal, everyone’s journey to clearer skin is different. Why? Because spots can be triggered by everything from hormonal changes to mistakenly using pore-blocking products and more.

The good news? Once you’ve had your skin assessed by an expert (shout out to Skin + Me Prescribers) then positive progress towards smooth, clear skin is in sight.

Skin + Me subscriber, Evie Venables is a case in point. In fact, she was so happy after discovering a skincare solution that worked for her, she ended up working with us over at HQ – in the Dermatology Support Team – supporting others to reach their skin goals too.

Read on for Evie’s inspiring story, and what she’s learnt along the way.

Hi Evie!

Skin + Me: Tell us about your skin. When did your acne begin?

Evie: My acne began when I was 18 years old. I managed to go through all my teenage years at secondary school with absolutely perfect skin, and then suddenly it hit me as I left home to go to dance college.

Skin + Me: How long did it take you to work out what was best for your skin and switch you onto Skin + Me?

Evie: I spent a good two years and more money than I’d like to admit desperately trying different products and procedures that would help to clear it.

Skin + Me: Were you always an advocate for simple, science-led skincare or have trends tempted you along the way?

Evie: Even before my acne developed, I was really interested in skincare trends. I used to love having really lengthy routines with all sorts of lotions and potions that I thought would be best for my skin. Little did I realise that actually less is more, especially when it comes to skincare.

Skin + Me: Was purging ever a challenge for you? How easy did you find it to stick to your new Daily Doser routine?

Evie: Yes! I had skin purging during my first couple of months using the Daily Doser. Though this was really upsetting, this was my last option so I felt like I should at least stick it out for six months. Sure enough, it began to clear up around month three to four. Now I couldn’t be more glad that I stuck with it.

Skin + Me: We often overlook the psychological effect the health of our skin can have on our day-to-day life. How does the progress you’ve made make you feel?

Evie: I completely agree! No one truly knows the effects acne can have on your mental well-being until you’ve been there yourself.

I was actually in full-time dance training at the time so I spent most of my time standing in front of a mirror. Obviously, all that time looking at my skin left my self-esteem unbelievably low, making me feel quite depressed. 

Now, waking up and my skin not being the first thing on my mind is just incredible. I have the mental capacity to focus on other things and I have regained my confidence to be bold and go out there and try new things – like my role supporting other people on their own skincare journeys at Skin + Me!

Skin + Me: We get a lot of feedback that healthy skin gives subscribers less time in front of the mirror and more time to live their lives. Tell us about your stripped-back ‘less makeup, just sunscreen’ daytime look now?

Evie: Adopting this has been one of my favourite things! Currently, my morning routine involves cleansing, a tinted sunscreen, mascara, the occasional touch of blush and that’s it! I can’t even tell you how lovely this is, and I feel so lucky to be in this position now.

Skin + Me: What are your thoughts on social media, realistic expectations and having compassion for yourself at every stage of your journey?

Evie: I guess it depends on who you follow and how you choose to be influenced online. There are some really great influencers out there who give ‘realness’ airtime. In my opinion, this is incredibly inspiring, and I think it’s an amazingly brave thing to do, to put your unfiltered self out there in a world of heavily filtered content.

“It’s an amazingly brave thing to do, to put your unfiltered self out there in a world of heavily filtered content.”

Skin + Me: If you could go back to the start of the journey, what advice would you give yourself?

Evie: Gosh, brace yourself! No, I’m joking, I’d just say be prepared because it’s not going to be easy but in the end, you will be so much stronger for it, and so much more well-rounded as a person. Life will throw difficult things at you and this is just one of them, try to keep smiling and it will pass. There is support and a solution out there to suit you.

Skin + Me: What are your future goals for your skin?

Evie: Going forward my goal is just to maintain clear, glowy skin. Hopefully, some of the acne scarring on my cheeks will fade over time but it’s okay if this takes a while. Just to look and feel healthy and happy is all I can ask really.

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