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Skin + Me Stories: Wedding Day Skincare Results with Ellen and Tom

We love a wedding and Skin + Me have been following our very own happy couple, bride Ellen and groom Tom for the months leading up to their big day. From the proposal to the wedding-prep learnings, we’ve been there – tissues at the ready – for it all.

The pair’s ultimate goal? To find a skincare solution that delivers their best skin, while still protecting their skin barrier for optimal camera-ready confidence. 

Looking at the photos taken inside the chapel, the grand hall and in the ceremony courtyard flooded with natural light, the proof is in their progress.

We caught up with Ellen and Tom for a final chat to talk about their journey, the beautiful event and what’s next for maintaining those glowing complexions post-wedding.

Skin + Me: Congratulations Ellen and Tom! Your wedding was incredible and the pictures are perfect. How are you feeling?

Ellen: Thank you! It was the best day! 

Tom: Totally. Making a commitment to Ellen (and to our skincare routines!) has been life-changing in the most positive way. 

Skin + Me: Remind us of your skincare routines in the months leading up to the big day.

Ellen: I prepped with a cleanse, used my Daily Doser and moisturised every night. My skin goals were based around texture so my base would glide on application come the wedding. My treatment contained tretinoin (now at 0.012%), niacinamide and azelaic acid. 

For daytime, I’ve been sunscreen religiously, so that any extra sun sensitivity triggered by the tretinoin wouldn’t stand a chance. 

I also switched my regular routine products to incorporate Skin + Me’s latest Purify + Prep Hydrating Cleanser and Soothe + Smooth Rich Moisturiser

Tom: My skin goals have been based around improving skin texture and preventing hyperpigmentation as my skin ages. I know the sun plays a role in that so, in addition to my Daily Doser, I’ve been wearing high factor sunscreen as often as I can. 

Controlling the controllables has been a good mantra in the last few weeks. The little things add up to make a visible difference to my skin alongside a personalised treatment. Less alcohol, more early nights. All the good stuff.

“The little things add up to make a visible difference to my skin alongside a personalised treatment.”

Skin + Me: Did you feel skin-confident the day of the wedding? How did you get your skin glowing that morning?

Ellen: Absolutely! Like Tom said, skincare is one area we could control and my skin even behaved the morning of the big day!

I did well to protect myself from the sun as much as possible in the lead-up but was desperate for a wedding glow on the day. Put it this way, I was very liberal with the self-tan and bronzer! Lucky, I had a great base to start with.

My bridesmaid brought all the makeup I’d need for photo-ready touch-ups. Oh, and a tube of Skin + Me’s Moisturiser to negate any dry patches. I even used a smudge of the Moisturiser to help blend my base so it was seamless across my jawline.

Tom: The morning of the wedding I followed my routine as usual. I used extra sunscreen because the itinerary included a steel drums band playing outside in the courtyard after the nuptials. The sun still shines on your wedding day!

My skin looked healthy and I was excited to meet Ellen at the altar. To be honest, my skin was an afterthought – I’d put in all the work already. 

The sun still shines on your wedding day!”

Skin + Me: We’re so happy to hear that! Now your husband and wife, what’s next for you both – in skincare that is!

Ellen: I’m just really happy to maintain this progress. I’ll be ready for my reconsultation in six months and see if my skin goals shift in terms of skin-ageing but I’m really happy for now. 

I trust the process in the sense that my Daily Doser has slowly increased the potency of its active ingredients over months already. It’s designed by dermatologists to evolve with my skin and that – alongside Skin + Me’s supporting Cleanser and Moisturiser – takes the guesswork out of what I need to do.

Tom: I feel like I’ve learnt so much more about skincare in the run-up to our wedding. It’s been easy to step it up-a-notch, and although my skin will change over the years, we’ll revisit these wedding pictures together again and again. 

For now, I’ll work to maintain – and protect – what I have. Who knows? Ellen and I may be renewing our vows again in a decade or two and be ready for our next glow-up! 

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