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Skin + Me Stories: Before and After Acne with Jessica Holt

Taking control of acne is one of the most common skin goals, and a transformation from spot-prone skin to smooth and clear can feel truly life-changing.  

Don’t just take our word for it. Committed Skin + Me subscriber, Jessica Holt has been on an inspiring Skin + Me journey of her own and we’re so happy to share her positive progress with our community.

Jessica has finally found an accessible way to tackle her skin goals with an effective powerful solution, tailored to her needs. We asked Jessica about her skin then, now and her smooth skin goals for the future. 

Hi Jessica! 

Skin + Me: Tell us about your skin. When did your acne begin?

Jessica: My acne began after having my first child in my early twenties. That was around ten years ago. 

Skin + Me: How long did it take you to work out what was best for your skin and switch you onto Skin + Me?

Jessica: In all honesty, it’s taken me ten years of trying everything! Every fad, every new trend. Nothing worked until I found Skin + Me at the start of this year. 

Skin + Me: Were you always an advocate for simple, science-led skincare or have trends tempted you along the way?

Jessica: I’ve been tempted by skincare trends. I used anything I researched online that I thought would cure my acne. Most products made it worse and left me with scarring that I still have now. 

Skin + Me: Was purging ever a challenge for you? How easy did you find it to stick to your new Daily Doser routine? 

Jessica: I honestly had no purging with my Daily Doser, I was prepared for it and thought – knowing my luck with my skin – it would probably make it worse. I’ve had so many bad experiences, I feared the worst. Today, I still can’t believe that after all this time I’ve finally found the skincare I can’t live without.

Skin + Me: How long did it take you to see results?

Jessica: I’ve been using my treatment for around six months now. My skin is unbelievably good, my acne scars are almost non-existent, my skin texture is beautiful with an even tone and my wrinkles are much less noticeable. I started to see results after around three weeks and I can’t believe the difference my Daily Doser has made.

Today, I still can’t believe that after all this time I’ve finally found the skincare I can’t live without.”

Skin + Me: We often overlook the psychological effect the health of our skin can have on our day-to-day life. How does the progress you’ve made make you feel?

Jessica: I’ve suffered from low self-esteem and almost zero self-confidence over the past ten years because of my acne. When I was younger, I would wear so much foundation to try and hide the spots and always wear my hair down to cover my cheeks as much as I could. 

A lot of people – even my friends – didn’t know how big the effect it had on me as I always tried to keep a front on. I suffered mentally really badly last year. I couldn’t believe I was still living with acne at the age of 30.

My progress makes me feel amazing and beautiful. I don’t even own a bottle of foundation and I haven’t for around a year. Day to day, I wear sunscreen and moisturiser and if I go on a night out, I only wear SPF and tinted moisturiser. I’m so confident in my own skin now and it’s all thanks to my Daily Doser

Skin + Me: We get a lot of feedback that healthy skin gives subscribers less time in front of the mirror and more time to live their lives. Tell us about your stripped-back ‘less makeup, just sunscreen’ daytime look now?

Jessica: I’ve never liked wearing foundation, I hate anything that makes me look different to what I actually look like – if that makes sense! However, my skin felt so bad, I would pile foundation on all through my early 20s to hide it. 

It takes me about five minutes every evening to do my skincare routine now. That includes cleanser, toner, Daily Doser and moisturiser. My routine takes the same amount of time in the morning. Just five minutes and I’m out of the door, looking – and feeling – radiant!

“I’m so confident in my own skin now and it’s all thanks to my Daily Doser.”

Skin + Me: What are your thoughts on social media, realistic expectations and having compassion for yourself at every stage of your journey?

Jessica: I’m not a fan of social media! Everything is filtered and most things aren’t real! My advice would be:  Don’t compare yourself to glossy pictures you see on every feed. Most of the people’s skin in the pictures doesn’t look like that in real life! Remember too that everyone has permission to be beautiful in their own skin, acne or otherwise. 

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Skin + Me: If you could go back to the start of the journey, what advice would you give yourself?

Jessica: I would tell myself to ease off all the latest fads or trends as most of them don’t work or make your skin worse. Research and learn about your unique skin – that way you’ll learn what’s best for you. Not everything works the same for everyone.

Skin + Me: What are your future goals for your skin?

Jessica: My goals are to maintain my skin and hopefully never suffer with acne again. I’ve learnt so much on my skincare journey and I hope I can help and inspire others on their journey too. 

“Remember that everyone has permission to be beautiful in their own skin, acne or otherwise.”

If you’re struggling, I just want to share that it does get better. I look back now and I see my younger self crying at night wondering why my skin was affecting me so much, and that breaks my heart. For anyone living with acne, just know it can go away and it’s nothing you’ve done wrong! Start by researching your skin type and get your Daily Doser! I just wish Skin + Me were around ten years ago.

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