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Valentine’s Day: Three Things to Dump From Your Skincare Routine

Valentine’s Day is a day for lovers. But also a day for strong independent people who know what they want from their skincare routines. Sometimes, closing the door on one (ill-advised) product flirtation opens a new door to a whole new world of romance that’ll give your skin that ‘in love’ glow you’ve been coveting. 

That’s why we’re using Valentine’s Day to check-in where we’re at with how we’re spending our skincare energy. Falling in love is joyful. But dumping those routine products and practises that no longer serve us (and perhaps never did) can give us a new kind of freedom. 

Here’s to sticking to the good stuff and choosing what to let go of this February. Can’t decide where to start? We’ve compiled our top three skincare things to dump this Valentine’s Day. Lighten your load and stay open to finding your next beauty crush. Because skin that you love will always love you back. And we’re always here to celebrate your progress.

Three skincare mistakes to dump this Valentine’s Day


We’ll shout out the benefits of skinimalism all year round – it’s about getting more (that’s better results and glowing skin) with less. Cleansing and moisturising with non pore-clogging products and using a personalised treatment (blended ingredients with actives that suit your skin goals) plus a high factor sunscreen for daytime is all you need.

Your skin, your choice but dumping surplus toners, skin sprays and eye creams that promise the world but just waste your time is a good way to streamline your routine. No one ever let go of a ten-step routine and regretted it, we promise. 


Throw away skincare flings take their toll on your pocket and the planet. Surplus packaging, non-degradable wipes, unnecessary plastic, non-vegan choices – all push up your footprint on the planet.

Lighten your load and your skincare shelf by making purposeful choices that are sustainable, vegan and cruelty-free. Skin + Me take our sustainability promise seriously, so rest assured your monthly routine has you covered. 


Having your best skin won’t save the world but it can help you face the day with confidence. Remember to watch your stress levels and use this as the perfect excuse to take some time out for yourself to feel good this Valentine’s Day.

Dump your overcommitments and any guilt you attach to that. Show yourself some compassion in the mirror daily – Sali Hughes-style

Make it a habit to remind yourself what healthy skin looks like (spoiler: it’s got real pores) and that it’s about making progress over achieving perfection. 

Go forth and love yourself this Valentine’s – and don’t forget to tell the precious people in your life the same.

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