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Ask A Dermatologist: Skincare Trends 2023

Hello 2023! New year, whole new heap of beauty trends to get excited about. Skin + Me may be young, but we’re making it a January tradition to predict what’s new and next in the beauty and skincare industry. 

Why are we in the best place to do that? Being at the cutting edge of accessible personalised skincare that really works, with a community of skincare fans and evangelists over on our Facebook group, The Collective, having held a summer stand at the British Conference of Dermatologists and joining forces with the likes of skincare gurus, Caroline Hirons and Sali Hughes in 2022, it’s safe to say there’s lots to look forward to.

In this piece we revisit the skincare trends 2022 our Dermatologists called out last year – did they really hit the spot? And what’s new for 2023, time to get excited. 

Beauty and skincare trend predictions for 2023

Let’s start with some trends we’ve been shouting about from day one – the skincare movements that (for good reason) aren’t going anywhere.


Everyone’s skin is unique and although our goals are aligned towards happy, healthy skin, we often need a different approach to get there. That’s where access to an expert Dermatology Team can help you diagnose any concerns and blend powerful, customised treatments to get you where you want to go. Democratising personalisation is something Skin + Me will continue to champion, now and forever. 


If you take one learning into 2023, make it all about doing less with more. That’s right, the best routines are stripped-back and targeted. Skinimalism is a fancy word for a simple solution to the mountains of skincare options out there. Morning: Cleanse, hydrate, and protect. Evening: Cleanse, treat, and hydrate. Try our supporting routine Cleansers and Moisturisers and never forget your sunscreen.


In the skincare world, microdosing offers the best results with the least reaction. Powerful ingredients are blended into your Daily Doser and as your skin builds tolerance to their effects, our experts increase their concentration over time. Any skin purging is temporary, promise! 

Sustainability, vegan and cruelty-free solutions

Not a trend, but a way of life. We’re serious about putting the planet first. Sustainability (from our custom-blended solutions) to our recyclable packaging is a pledge we plan to stick to. 

What’s new in skincare for 2023?

The rise (and rise) of retinol 

The focus on ageing-well continues into 2023 and beyond. Step forward the buzzy ingredient that delivers fresher skin with consistent use. Retinol is an over-the-counter form of vitamin A that’s applied topically to the skin. 

And it’s not just fine lines and wrinkles it softens. Retinol is proven to support the skin’s ageing process but also to fight acne. Whether your skincare concern is spots, pigmentation or dull skin texture, a retinoid in your skincare routine can make all the difference.

A note here that it takes more steps to convert vitamin A on your skin to retinoic acid (the ingredient that gives you the benefits you’re looking for) with retinol than it would a more potent form of vitamin A, like tretinoin.

Social-first skincare

From 2022’s slugging and face-icing to noise about gua sha and how our fave beauty influencers nail their routines, getting your skincare updates via TikTok, Instagram and YouTube is the fast-track to what’s next. Just beware misinformation and stay locked on Skin + Me’s social channels where we champion science-first solutions and bust those pesky skincare myths.

Sunscreen goes stratospheric 

Again, not a trend but a way of life. If you want to age well and protect your skin, high factor sunscreen (SPF 30+) every day is essential. Lucky for you, sunscreen formulations just keep getting better and more wearable. Look out his year for feather-light formulations that don’t clog pores and have added hydrating active ingredients.

Clear skin manifestation and skin celebration

Can you manifest your way to better skin? Our social feeds suggest you can, but STOP right there. Positivity is great but science-proven active ingredients will deliver real results. Let’s all make a resolution this year to show ourselves some compassion, trust the science and continue the skin celebration of progress over perfection.

Barrier protection 

We called this in our 2022 predictions, and barrier protection continues on as hot topic for derms. It’s all about targeted active ingredients, protecting from external aggressors and avoiding overuse of harsh exfoliators. Remember to love your delicate skin barrier, it’s got your back.

Menopause skincare

This is a skincare category that continues to rise. Menopause skincare is about products that are mindful of menopausal, perimenopausal or postmenopausal skin’s unique needs. Think falling oestrogen levels which can sensitise skin, challenges to your skin barrier or hormonal spot breakouts. ‘Meno’ skincare will be a targeted package that could include ingredients from microdosed retinol to skin barrier builders and more.

Celebrity skincare

Where to start? From Hailey Bieber and Brad Pitt, to Travis Scott and Kim Kardashian the steam train of celebrity-owned beauty and skincare lines show no signs of slowing. Let’s put it this way, some are more credible than others. Zero judgement and we’re always sticking by science. We’ll leave you to make the call about whose products are more than just a pretty face.

Genderless skincare

Everyone’s skin is unique and the joy of a personalised approach is that it’s inclusive and representative of everyone who wants healthy, happy skin. Great skin is for everyone and Skin + Me will always champion this. Brands who label their products as ‘genderless’ are tapping into the valuable movement for this inclusive message to be highlighted. Remember though, that all skincare products can broadly be used by any gender anyway. Your skin? You choose.

And what trend predictions didn’t take off?

Beauty in the metaverse

We predicted Daily Doser NFTs and personalising the skincare routine of your metaverse avatar. Perhaps we go a little ahead of ourselves. That’s not to say beauty-tech isn’t growing in the virtual world – this one just might take more than 12 months to become part of your daily routine.

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